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COMING 2016 - Story and a Snack

Story and a Snack is a new program from New City Initiative that will offer reading, fun activities, and healthy snacks for children in families experiencing homelessness.  The program will focus on literacy, health, and nutrition for kids who often have very limited opportunities to visit libraries, parks, or community centers.  We will be seeking volunteers to read to children and bring healthy and nutritious snacks.  We plan to offer a training for the new program in Spring 2016.  If you are interested in learning more about the program or volunteering, contact us.

Be an Inspirator

In the New City, we do not just have volunteers, we have "inspirators:" individuals who are not only inspired to do this work but are inspiring to others because of their passion and commitment to helping end the cycle of homelessness and creating a community where everyone can live to their full human potential. We invite and welcome each of you to become an inspirator. Here's how:

Give your time

Be an inspirator by giving your time to support folks who have experienced homelessness. We are always looking for folks to be engaged with our programs.

Village Support Network

Consider being part of a Village Support Network team to help a family transition from shelter to housing and become more stable in their lives. The commitment is for 4-6 hours a month for 6 months. You are welcome to give time on your own but we also invite you to get your larger community of faith engaged by creating a team, which we are happy to support you in doing! If you can't make the 6 month commitment but are knowledgeable about community resources, job searching or whatever else might be of use to our teams and families, consider being a liaison and resource that teams and families can call on as needed.

Healthy Sisters

Do you have a few hours (3-6) a month for helping women who have experienced homelessness get to and from medical appointments on weekdays? For these ladies it is often long journeys on public transportation to get to and from medical appointments and a missed bus can mean a missed appointment. We send out requests to all our drivers and you simply volunteer for those that work for your schedule. 

We're also always happy to talk to you about other ideas you have for being involved in any of these programs. Just fill out the "message" section with what you are interested in sharing and we'll get back to you about the possibilities.

Use Your Resources

New City Kitchen

New City Kitchen has a wonderful and delicious catering program that would love to cater the next event that you, your community of faith or organization host, whether it's simply a lunch for staff, a Super Bowl party or a welcome for the new pastor. We would be happy to talk with you about it all!

Financial Support

Help support the work of building the New City with your financial contribution whether it is a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. We appreciation your giving so that we in turn can support others to help end the cycle of homelessness

Bring New City into Your Community

Building the New City Curriculum

The New City curriculum is an opportunity for you and your larger faith community to explore our six communal practices and ways in which you can deepen the learning and relationships that you are building through your other volunteer activities.

Host our Staff as a Guest Speaker at Your Community of Faith or Organization

Our New City Staff is happy to come to your community of faith as a guest speaker or to share with your small group, organization religious education class and specifically speak about homelessness and how your community can be part of helping to end the cycle of homelessness for individuals in our community.

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What was the biggest benefit of being part of the Village Support Network?

"Having the satisfaction of knowing we were dealing with the root causes of family homelessness" - A Trinity Team Member

Featured Event

Village Support Network Orientation

Thursday, March 16th, 7:00-8:30 pm

Location: Beaverton

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